Running Power, What, Why and How?

4th December 2018 0

Running Power is an exciting new training metric being adopted by exercise physiologists, coaches, elite triathletes and serious runners.  This article will attempt to answer three important questions about running power.  “What is running power?”, Read More

Baotic Product Review

13th November 2018 0

The Baotic Product I learnt about this great little company, Baotic, through social media and was interested in their vision and ethos. Isatou and Paul have taken the fruit from the Baobab tree that grows Read More

Five Golden Rules of Running

6th September 2018 0

Every sport needs golden rules, and running is no exception. Getting involved in the running game, whether you’re a beginner looking to take up this popular sport, or an experienced runner returning after some time Read More

The Joy of Urban Running

21st August 2018 0

I love urban running I love urban running. Where I live, where I work, when I travel around the UK, and when I go on city breaks. I love the close heat of the summer, Read More

Five Common Running Myths Debunked

22nd May 2018 0

About Common Running Myths There are plenty of common running myths out there. Some are true like if you run into a wall, you’ll damage your nose, or if you sprint off the edge of Read More

How to Train for a Half Marathon

12th May 2018 0

Introduction One of the best feelings I’ve ever had in my life was crossing that finish line when I did my first half marathon. It was sensational to be running with all those other people, Read More

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