Choosing the Best Place to Run

19th March 2018 0

Choosing the best place to run will have an enormous impact on your timing and health. I’ve been lucky enough to have run in a few places around the world. I have my favourites, but Read More

Runner or cyclist? Cyclist or runner?

21st February 2018 1

Finding time for both in your life I run, and I cycle. I cycle, and I run. Every week. Since I got too old to play football (too many injuries!), I’ve done both. Unlike football, Read More

Five Reasons to Take Up Running

3rd February 2018 1

Reasons to Take Up Running Are you thinking about taking up running? Maybe you have seen people running a marathon and thought, I could do that. Or perhaps you’ve spotted runners in your local park Read More

Five Energy Foods That Improve Your Running

28th November 2017 0

A healthy and balanced diet is essential if you’re going to take up running and improve your performance. The right foods are necessary for keeping in shape, and running faster and longer, and boosting your Read More

Why I Run and It’s Not to Diet

11th November 2017 0

Why I Run – Background This post is a significant diversion from the technology-based posts I usually write. The idea for this post came to me while I was out running. Before I begin, I Read More