How to Train for a Half Marathon

12th May 2018 0

Introduction One of the best feelings I’ve ever had in my life was crossing that finish line when I did my first half marathon. It was sensational to be running with all those other people, Read More

Choosing the Best Place to Run

19th March 2018 0

Choosing the best place to run will have an enormous impact on your timing and health. I’ve been lucky enough to have run in a few places around the world. I have my favourites, but Read More

Cross Training – Mix Up Your Training

13th February 2018 1

Cross Training is one of those many things that people say they’re going to do but don’t end up doing. You hear all of the benefits and think, ‘nah, that’s just for injury rehabilitation, I’m Read More

How To Train For Your First 5km

14th November 2017 0

There’s nothing better than aiming for specific goals while running. If you’re a beginner, then the natural first goal is to run 5km. Maybe you want just to get involved in a charity run, either Read More