About Barry O'Leary
Barry has been running ever since his neighbour bought a huge Rottweiler. He used to have to run past the house every afternoon on his way home from school, since then, he’s just loved running. Barry regularly runs, up to three times a week. He has run in several 10km charity runs in London, and also one half-marathon in Cordoba, Spain. The best place he has ever run was in Sydney, where he used to run around the Opera House in the evenings. Barry lives in Seville, Spain. When he lived in the centre, he would run along the river. Now he lives on the outskirts, but he’s found a lovely stretch which goes along the countryside. Over his running his career he has had several injuries, including severely spraining his ankle. He thought he would never run again, but within a year and a half, he’d done a half marathon. One day he’d like to run a marathon.

Five Common Running Myths Debunked

22nd May 2018 0

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How to Train for a Half Marathon

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Choosing the Best Place to Run

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Running Can Improve Your Mental Health

15th November 2017 3

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How To Train For Your First 5km

14th November 2017 0

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